Saturday, January 27, 2007

Raiding Sister-in-laws panty drawer

Sex: Male Age: 26-30

My wife has her Sister's house-key (in case of emergencies). I sometimes 'borrow' the key myself. It's not as often as I'd like though, because it has to be on days when I know my Mother-in-law is busy (she also has a key and sometimes goes around to clean) and my boss will be out of the office. When I 'borrow' the key I always replace it with a similar looking one, so my wife wont notice. And when I get to my Sister-in-laws place I always phone her work to make sure she's there (she works an hour away).

When I let myself in I'm soo excited. The first thing I usually do is head straight for the laundry hamper in search of worn panties, I love her aroma. Then I usually strip naked and start trying on various bits of her underwear, I once put on every pair of panties she owns, at the same time! There must've been about 20 pairs, I loved the tight feeling around my groin. I also like her all-in-one control panty girdles - very tight!

Once I'm happy with what I'm wearing I'll get out her sex-toys from the back of the bottom drawer (why does one girl have four vibrators?) I'll sniff and lick these for a while. Then I'll pull out her huge box of photos from under her bed. She goes on holiday with her friends a lot of the time and there are many shots of them, either getting ready to go out for the night, or when they've just got back and are a little tipsy. So, not only are there photos of her naked but of all her friends too!

When I've got a selection of photos, I'll get into her bed and masturbate, It's amazing being in her bed, wearing her panties and looking at her naked body!! When I leave I'm very careful to put everything back. I have a smile on my face for a week afterwards and I get a tremendous thrill the next time I meet her (or her friends)

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cubzfan630 said...

email me sometime...

i got a great story

Diana Cox said...

woah... sick. like shit.

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